Special Coronavirus Edition

All of the News and Links in Condensed Travel-Size Format. 

The Front Page Links Editors Note: Nightshift links to the world’s newspaper automatically refresh on a daily basis. Currently, this site is in streamlined mode to minimize individually initiated updates. Don’t forget to check out other site for the latest scientific findings, research and reporting on COVID-19–that site’s coverage is all facts, no spin. Axios has contributed their Coronavirus Dashboard to  give you an overview of the extent of the pandemic. Coronavirus Dashboard (Axios) New York Times Morning Briefing The Times (London) Financial Times (UK) The Irish Times (Dublin, Ireland) The Wall Street Journal (European edition) Washington Post (Washington, D.C.) New York Times (New York) The Boston Globe (Boston) The Guardian The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles) Daily News Egypt (Cairo) South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) The Moscow Times (Moscow) Italian Newspapers in English Le Figaro (Paris) Bloomberg.com (New York) The Toronto Star The Jerusalem Post (Jerusalem) The Japanese Times (Tokyo) The Local (Oslo) The Local (Italy) Sputnik (Moscow) The Buenas Aires Herald (Buenas Aires) The Sidney Morning Herald (Sidney) Deadline Hollywood (Hollywood) FiveThirtyEight (New York City) Politico (Washington, DC) Lawfareblog (Washington, DC) Wired (San Francisco, CA) The Weather Channel CNN News Text Site Fast Company Compass Newsletter Ars Technica   Agence France-Presse McClatchy DC Bureau Xinua UPI Oil Prices Dot Com Air Force Times Straits Times (Singapore) NOAA/National Hurricane Center (Miami) Golf WRXSports Business Journal (US) The New York Times Sports Section (NYC) DonaldPierce.com   

The Fine Print: This is a short form version of The Nightshift and is post number 2363 for this site.The Nightshift is a continually evolving experiment in news communications and is a production of Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker.We thank our friends at Axios for the link to their Coronavirus dashboard. Typically gracious.  April playlist courtesy of our friends at Spotify. Thank you very much to our London compatriots. Currently, The Nightshift staff is developing  very streamlined graphic/display approaches to news distribution and these will appear from time to time–like today. And..time…we’ve got plenty of it. Media Bunker and Perception Engineering are self-isolated until further notice. Hang in there, do the right things, and wash your hands.  Thanks for reading. Now–catch up on the world. Entire Contents (c) 2020, Donald Pierce, All Rights Reserved