Special Coronavirus Edition

All of the News and Links in Condensed Travel-Size Format. 

The Fine Print: This is a short form version of The Nightshift and is post number 2344 for this site.The Nightshift is a continually evolving experiment in news communications and is a production of Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker.We thank our friends at Axios for the link to their Coronavirus dashboard. Typically gracious.  March playlist courtesy of our friends at Spotify. Thank you very much to our London compatriots. Currently, The Nightshift staff is developing  very streamlined graphic/display approaches to news distribution and these will appear from time to time–like today. And..time…we’ve got plenty of it. Media Bunker and Perception Engineering are self-isolated until further notice. Hang in there, do the right things, and wash your hands.  Thanks for reading. Now–catch up on the world. Entire Contents (c) 2020, Donald Pierce, All Rights Reserved